Meaning of white bread in English:

white bread



mass noun
  • Bread that is light in colour, made with flour that has been through a refining process.

    ‘a thick slice of white bread’
    • ‘refined carbohydrates, such as white breads, contain more starch than whole grains’
    • ‘Use nice, thick-cut white bread to make French toast.’
    • ‘Americans consume five loaves of white bread for every loaf of whole wheat.’
    • ‘White bread is low in fiber.’
    • ‘I ordered my usual: white bread, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.’
    • ‘"Bread baked with this flour has a taste and texture very similar to white bread," says Hallfrisch.’
    • ‘Frightened, they ran away but returned shortly after to the soldier with a loaf of rye bread and a round of white bread.’
    • ‘Only the richer farmers and lords in villages were able to grow the wheat needed to make white bread.’
    • ‘We'll cook the turkey our way, have chestnut-apple dressing using fresh white bread, eat whole berry cranberry sauce and al dente veggies.’
    • ‘The sandwich is a slice of black or white bread with butter and cheese or sausage, slices of fresh tomato, radish, or cucumber.’
    • ‘Breads with high fibre make you feel fuller than white bread.’


(also white-bread)
informal North American
  • Blandly conventional in a way that is regarded as characteristic of the white middle classes.

    • ‘inoffensive white-bread comedies’
    • ‘Before that, corporate America was a white-bread, repressed, deeply uncool place to be.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, we then get white-bread television.’
    • ‘He needs to shed his white-bread image.’
    • ‘We are branded as different, all those of us who have not grown up in generic, white-bread America.’
    • ‘He was a cipher to inoculate the party from seeming too white-bread.’
    • ‘If this British duo's white-bread synthpop was too exotic and intoxicating for your taste, try this tepid rehash of that '80s sound.’
    • ‘He is Terry's naïve white-bread partner and roommate, Willie Gillis.’
    • ‘The film projected a very 1970s notion of white-bread southern Californian womanhood.’
    • ‘Visitors in a modern masterpiece can move between the white-bread platitudes of Norman Rockwell - the other show on view - and south-of-the-border extravagance.’
    • ‘Stuck in Fryburg, California, a white-bread suburb of San Diego, Vinnie is protected by Agent Barney Coopersmith.’
    • ‘When Elvis Hunkee and his white-bread family come strolling in, the pace picks up again slightly.’
    • ‘Six months later, they go on a trip, combining a visit to a Carolinan idiot-savant artist with one to George's white-bread, Christian, closely knit family, where the sophisticate Madeleine is the outsider.’
    • ‘I think it's time for the university to recognize that it's not a white-bread, male-only world anymore.’
    • ‘Now that one of America's most white-bread movie stars has shown that he's keenly aware of the racial inequities of Hollywood casting, what's everybody else's excuse?’
    • ‘In her checkered uniform and starched white hat, and with her bubbly good spirits, Betty at first appears to be a familiar caricature of white-bread America.’
    • ‘I, however, am a thoroughly mainstream, white-bread guy.’