Meaning of white cell in English:

white cell


less technical term for leucocyte
‘This test looks at all the different cells in the your blood (red cells, white cells, and platelets), to look for conditions like infections, anaemia, and leukaemia.’
  • ‘The bone marrow, which is in the cavity present in the center of bones, is the organ responsible for the production of red blood cells, white cells and platelets.’
  • ‘After this exam, the doctor will order a CBC (complete blood count) to measure the numbers of white cells, red cells, and platelets in your child's blood.’
  • ‘Note the numerous white cells, red cells and bacteria in this frame.’
  • ‘His cerebrospinal fluid was reported as a clear and colourless specimen with two red cells, no white cells, and a negative Gram stain.’
  • ‘In thalassaemia the white cells and platelets are normal, but the red cells are small and too few in number.’
  • ‘It eventually causes a decreased numbers of normal red blood cells, white cells and platelets, leading to symptoms of anemia, infections and bleeding.’
  • ‘Like queen bees, these cells replenish our blood supply, spawning millions of red cells, white cells, and platelets.’
  • ‘Infection is a common complication of acute leukemia treatment when the granulocyte scavenger white cells are low spontaneously or after treatment.’
  • ‘White cells and red cells in the urine may mean that an infection is there.’
  • ‘These symptoms are caused by having too many abnormal white blood cells and not enough normal white cells, red cells and platelets.’
  • ‘When a microbe or a virus invades the body, white cells (including neutrophils) are among the first of the body's defenses to attack the invading organisms.’
  • ‘Do not attempt to differentiate the white cells in the urine unless special procedures are performed.’
  • ‘Clues to the presence of HPS are thick concentrated blood, low blood platelets, and a high white cell count with many young white cells.’
  • ‘An increase in white cells, the presence of immature cells, or reactive lymphocytes may answer the immediate question.’
  • ‘The accumulating pathogens, white cells and immune proteins cause the air sacs to become inflamed and filled with fluid, leading to the difficult breathing that characterizes many types of pneumonia.’
  • ‘In infective conjunctivitis, the mucus coming out of the eyes often contains many white cells from the blood (pus cells).’
  • ‘Hodgkins Lymphoma is a rare cancer where white cells in the immune system become abnormal and divide too rapidly.’
  • ‘Apoptosis early in life removes those white cells that would attack the body's own protein, for example.’
  • ‘The white cells protect your body against and fight infection and the platelets are responsible for normal blood clotting.’