Meaning of white coat hypertension in English:

white coat hypertension


mass nouninformal Medicine
  • A syndrome whereby a patient's feeling of anxiety in a medical environment results in an abnormally high reading when their blood pressure is measured.

    • ‘Hypertensive disease complicates nearly 10 percent of pregnancies in the United States, with white coat hypertension affecting an additional 30 percent of patients.’
    • ‘In addition, blood pressure measurement is only intermittent, and white coat hypertension might confound results.’
    • ‘More patients in the home group were able to discontinue antihypertensive medication, presumably because patients with white coat hypertension were identified.’
    • ‘If your blood pressure is elevated only at your doctor's office, you might have white coat hypertension.’
    • ‘You may be suffering from "white coat hypertension."’
    • ‘In the medical world there is something we call 'white coat hypertension'.’
    • ‘They also counter so-called white coat hypertension, patient nervousness that skews blood pressure readings in the doctor's office.’
    • ‘Resistant hypertension may be caused by "white coat hypertension," and therefore may be transient.’
    • ‘The authors suggest that blood pressure monitoring should include home measurement to identify patients who have white coat hypertension and those with masked hypertension.’
    • ‘The monitor may help your doctor find out if you are a person who only has high blood pressure in the doctor's office (this is called "white coat hypertension").’
    • ‘Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring may be useful in documenting white coat hypertension and verifying hypotensive symptoms in patients receiving anti-hypertensive agents.’
    • ‘Although ABPM is not applicable to all hypertensive patients, it is particularly useful in patients with borderline hypertension, white coat hypertension, suspected autonomic dysfunction, and episodic hypertension.’
    • ‘That's why some people develop white coat hypertension—a brief rise in blood pressure when they visit the doctor's office or are in stressful situations.’
    • ‘Excess catecholamine levels play a role in causing white coat hypertension and hypertension in pheochromocytoma, OSA, and other diseases discussed in this article.’
    • ‘Accumulating ABPM data suggest that patients with white coat hypertension who maintain low ambulatory blood pressures (less than 130 to 135 / 80 mm Hg) have a low cardiovascular risk status and no demonstrable end-organ damage.’
    • ‘This clinical dilemma arises in true drug-resistant hypertension, cases of patient noncompliance, white coat hypertension, and cases of pseudohypertension.’