Meaning of white fir in English:

white fir


  • A silver fir.

    Genus Abies, family Pinaceae: several species, in particular Abies concolor

    • ‘Like balsam fir, white fir is relatively difficult to establish in plantations, and growth after planting is often very irregular.’
    • ‘Over the hilly five acres grow native black oak, incense cedar, white fir and Coulter, knobcone, sugar and ponderosa pines.’
    • ‘Randy and Jan and John Paul roar off in a borrowed ranger pickup parked under the big white fir by the hose rack.’
    • ‘If you prefer a mandarin orange scent, go with a soft-needled white fir.’
    • ‘After following the Truckee River out of Tahoe City, climb through white fir and Jeffrey pine to Paige Meadows, where summer promises a host of wildflowers.’