Meaning of white flour in English:

white flour


mass noun
  • Fine wheat flour, typically bleached, from which most of the bran and germ have been removed.

    • ‘Small tarts would be made with a rich pastry of fine white flour, butter, sugar, saffron, and other good things, certainly meant to be eaten.’
    • ‘It's made of white flour plus some wheat bran and wheat germ - the two ingredients that are removed from whole-wheat flour when it's refined.’
    • ‘If you need to add more flour, add more white flour, not corn flour.’
    • ‘Substitute whole-wheat pastry flour for bleached white flour to decrease the carbohydrate count and add fiber.’
    • ‘Most wheat products available in our supermarkets contain bleached flour or white flour, as we call it.’
    • ‘What we do here is to use organic grains, vegetables, nine-grain roti and sattu ki roti, which offers healthier options to wheat and white flour.’
    • ‘The system, known as Branscan, allows millers to mix very pure white flour with flour of lower grade to produce an acceptable overall blend, thereby improving their cost margins.’
    • ‘Whole-grain flour is heavier than white flour.’
    • ‘Simple carbohydrates, particularly white sugar and white flour in cakes, sweets, pasta, bread and potatoes, can also cause disruptions in blood sugar levels.’
    • ‘Beans and popcorn are much better than bleached white flour, bread and pasta with less than 1 gm dietary fiber per serving.’
    • ‘Most of the wheat consumed by humans is processed from white flour, which is produced by milling to remove the germ and bran (pericarp, testa, nucellar layer, and aleurone layer).’
    • ‘White sugar, white flour, coffee, and alcohol may also contribute to magnesium depletion.’
    • ‘You must remember nothing will be effective if you continue to consume alcohol, caffeine, sodas, sugar, salt, pork, red meat, white flour and junk food.’
    • ‘Avoid products made with ‘wheat flour’ or ‘enriched wheat flour,’ which are other names for white flour.’
    • ‘Excessive processed salt, sugar, white flour, cholesterol laden animal fats, fungal foods or fungal laden foods and cigarette smoking should be avoided.’
    • ‘There are those made from refined sugar and white flour and which make your blood sugar rise quickly, giving you a rapid blast of insulin.’
    • ‘Stop eating junk foods - sugar, white flour, artificial flavors and colors, and preservatives.’
    • ‘Refined white flour is what's left after the nutrient-packed germ and bran are milled out of the wheat kernel.’
    • ‘They drink two liters of water daily, minimize fried foods and avoid junk foods, white rice, white flour, processed sugar and degraded oils.’
    • ‘The only carbs I restrict are those in refined sugars, white flour, polished rice/grains, and beer.’


white flour