Meaning of white land in English:

white land


mass noun
  • Open land not designated for development or change of use, or on which development is not allowed.

    • ‘Social systems vary across Indigenous groups - from city to country, from traditional to dislocated, from ‘home grown’ land council to white land council legislative creation and so on.’
    • ‘He passes a bill which allows the government to seize white land.’
    • ‘One approach would be to show the site as white land, but since this notation does not appear at all in the Fareham Borough Local Plan I concluded that there should be no change.’
    • ‘It is a truism with a bitter twist, because it has enabled him to afflict his own people with licence and impunity while promoting white land ownership as his country's major problem.’
    • ‘His government has rejected the prospect of redistributing white land to black commercial farmers.’
    • ‘Around 1 600 farms have been invaded by the veterans and their supporters since February, in an attempt to speed up a controversial government programme to resettle landless blacks on white land.’
    • ‘In 1987, the provision granting whites twenty seats in parliament was removed, and in 1991, the government was authorized to acquire white land for resettlement.’
    • ‘During the previous two days, police destroyed hundreds of squatter homes on farms on the city outskirts, in what was the first real crackdown on the war veterans since they began a campaign of white land invasions in February.’
    • ‘After years of devastating colonial encounters and land seizures, there were still plenty of Aboriginal people to be seen, defying the ideal of a clean, white land.’
    • ‘Britain said it was prepared to assist, but the thousands of veterans and ruling party supporters squatting illegally on white land would have to leave first.’