Meaning of white light in English:

white light


mass noun
  • Apparently colourless light, for example ordinary daylight. It contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum at equal intensity.

    • ‘With a prism ordinary white light can be split into a spectrum that resembles a rainbow.’
    • ‘The coloured rays of light entered this second prism and a single ray of white light emerged.’
    • ‘UV-B irradiation was performed either in the absence of other light sources or in the presence of white light.’
    • ‘The GSA of node 3 of Tradescantia cuttings is dependent on the fluence rate of white light.’
    • ‘The white light split into different colours and each colour had been bent a different amount by the prism.’
    • ‘His father begins to explain that all the colours of the rainbow are contained within white light.’
    • ‘Black deposits of mercuric sulphide were evident upon microscopic examination with white light.’


white light