Meaning of white line in English:

white line


  • 1Anatomy
    A thickened whitish band in the pelvic fascia, specifically that of the fascia covering the superior surfaces of the levator ani muscles.

  • 2Printing
    rare A blank line left between two lines of type, or at the head or foot of a page.

  • 3An engraved line which prints white on a dark ground; the process or method of using such lines.

  • 4Nautical
    A fine undyed or untarred cord or rope.

  • 5A narrow white strip painted on a road surface as a guide for motorists; especially one that separates adjacent traffic lanes.


  • Forming names of moths which have a linear white marking on the forewing; especially in "white-line dart" noun (also "white-line dart moth") a Eurasian noctuid moth, Euxoa tritici.


Late 16th century (in an earlier sense). From white + line.


white line

/ˈwʌɪt ˈlʌɪn/