Meaning of white maggot in English:

white maggot


derogatory Australian Rules Football
  • An umpire.

    ‘'Open your eyes, white maggot,' is a typical chant’
    • ‘The white maggots have been being kind of sooks because people have been threatening to come around and burn their houses down.’
    • ‘Say what you like about those white maggots, but they are the best thing the game has going for it.’
    • ‘They're out there doing their job and most of us supporters are sort of very biased, so if the ball doesn't go our way, then they're called 'white maggots'.’
    • ‘He stood up at the football and screamed, red-faced: "You moron, ump! What is the matter with you, you white maggot?"’
    • ‘The shouts of 'white maggot' are lost in the rant and roar.’
    • ‘Calling an umpire a white maggot is as Australian as having a barbecue.’
    • ‘Footy fans face a ban on calling umpires "white maggots".’
    • ‘Historians are part of what a tabloid columnist referred to as 'white maggots'.’
    • ‘In the last minute it was up to a white maggot to get a call right.’
    • ‘If you have ambitions of becoming a white maggot, or just want to know more about AFL laws, check out the rule book.’


1980s from the official's white uniform.