Meaning of white matter in English:

white matter

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mass noun
  • The paler tissue of the brain and spinal cord, consisting mainly of nerve fibres with their myelin sheaths.

    Compare with grey matter

    ‘As well as major ‘ascending’ pathways carrying sensory information up to the corresponding regions of the cerebral cortex, the white matter of the brain stem and spinal cord also contains many tracts of fibres running downwards.’
    • ‘Nearly all cases of PML involve the cerebral white matter, but it may also involve white matter of cerebellum, brainstem and spinal cord.’
    • ‘The white matter of the spinal cord is arranged around the gray matter in posterior, lateral, and anterior columns which become progressively smaller from upper to lower levels of the cord.’
    • ‘In this article, we explore the ability of CARS microscopy to probe axonal myelin in live spinal cord white matter isolated from guinea pigs.’
    • ‘Recently, it has been proposed that this condition may be caused by interactions of anti-HIV drugs with cerebrovascular endothelium, astroglial cells and white matter of the brain.’
    • ‘Fibers that establish neurons' long-distance connections between brain regions, white matter normally thickens as a child grows older and represents one gauge of the brain's maturation.’
    • ‘The time-resolved emission features of GBM were found to be distinct from those of the normal brain tissues, white matter and cortex.’
    • ‘The brain has two types of tissue, white matter that holds the brain together and gray matter that contains ‘thinking cells.’’
    • ‘On coronal sections, a mass measuring 4 cm in diameter was observed in the right frontal lobe white matter.’
    • ‘Although some neurologic findings have been associated with OCD, such as increased gray matter and decreased white matter on brain imaging, the diagnosis remains a clinical one.’
    • ‘These glial cells are seen adjacent to myelinated nerve fibers in the white matter or forming satellite cells to the neurons in the gray matter.’
    • ‘Magnetic resonance imaging off the brain showed scattered foci of abnormal white matter signal in both cerebral hemispheres, which were considered entirely nonspecific.’
    • ‘Nerve fibers found in the cortex's underlying white matter carry messages into the brain for additional processing.’
    • ‘The researchers are attempting to determine if underconnectivity is a general feature of the brain in autism, and are using brain imaging studies to examine the brain's white matter in people with autism.’
    • ‘Inflammatory cascades associated with even ‘low grade’ systemic infection may play a part in the pathogenesis of white matter and other brain damage that may result in neurodevelopmental impairment.’
    • ‘The fibers in these fasciculi form the lateral part of a vast stratum of white matter that connects the whole of the occipital cortex with the rest of the brain.’
    • ‘The white matter of the cord consists mainly of longitudinally running nerve fiber tracts that are arranged in anterior, lateral, and posterior funiculi.’
    • ‘The common site of its occurrence is the deep white matter in the frontal lobes of the cerebral hemisphere.’
    • ‘The mingling of gray and white matter in the ventral part of the pons produces a striped appearance which is similar at all pontine levels.’
    • ‘There was also a single, small cerebral metastasis in the white matter of the posterior occipital lobe.’