Meaning of white night in English:

white night


  • 1A sleepless night.

    ‘Four thousand people may turn up to participate in the contest (as onlookers) and a white night is spent by restaurateurs to prepare for the multitude.’
  • 2A night when it is never properly dark, as in high latitudes in summer.

    • ‘In summer the cities provide white nights with daylight lasting almost to midnight and dawn following dusk with great speed.’
    • ‘Before her career as a spy really blazed across Russia's white nights and she became the KGB's favorite British agent, it was almost stillborn.’
    • ‘The best time to visit this city is June - a period of the so-called white nights when the sun never sets down.’
    • ‘The prince searches for her through the white night of St. Petersburg, his mind full of confusion, premonitions and anxiety.’
    • ‘From white nights to white-hot days, from Baroque palaces on the Neva to Art Deco by the beach, St. Petersburg native Mikhail Ilyin has leapt through a six-year career to land as a principal dancer at Miami City Ballet.’