Meaning of white out in English:

white out

phrasal verb

  • 1(of vision) become impaired by exposure to sudden bright light.

    ‘My head had started to spin again, and my vision almost whited out.’
    • ‘He tried to raise his head, and his sight whited out entirely.’
    1. 1.1(of a person) lose colour vision as a prelude to losing consciousness.
      • ‘I bolted for the door and whited out as I hit the street.’
  • 2white something out, white out somethingObliterate a mistake with white correction fluid.

    ‘A teacher at the school took a copy of the New York ballot paper, photocopied it and whited out all the nominees names, putting school subjects in their place.’
    • ‘The governor's office had whited out the answers.’
    • ‘They should release the documents containing the allegations against him, with the sensitive bits whited out.’
    • ‘Because of the privacy thing, when looking at students' papers, we white out all the names that are in the paper.’
    • ‘You can't just hit delete, you have to rip the pages or white out the text.’
    • ‘I was in the production department, which involved random paste-ups, little editorial corrections and whiting out lines when they went over the panel border.’