Meaning of white pine in English:

white pine


  • Any of a number of coniferous trees with whitish timber.

    a North American tree which yields high-quality timber that is valued for intricate work (Pinus strobus, family Pinaceae).(New Zealand) the kahikatea.

    ‘The Tree of Peace, a great white pine, is believed by the Iroquois to have been planted by the Peacemaker, who originally inspired the formation of the Iroquois Confederacy centuries before.’
    • ‘They name all of the different medicine trees, and they say the great white pine is a symbol of the Great Law of the Great Peace.’
    • ‘Because white pine is very sensitive to time of shearing, small white pine should be given top priority in the shearing schedule.’
    • ‘Select light and airy woods like white cedar, white pine, cottonwood, poplar, spruce or larch (tamarack).’
    • ‘McCubbin concluded smelter fumes had damaged white pines, larch, poplar, jack pine and spruce.’