Meaning of white pizza in English:

white pizza


  • A type of pizza made without tomato sauce.

    ‘I had a white pizza with clams, spinach, and red onion’
    • ‘Try the white pizza with arugula salad ($9), and lots of sweet caramelized onions and fontina cheese.’
    • ‘Over white pizza, pasta, cannoli and Diet Cokes, I ask Robin what Jessica was like as a child.’
    • ‘Crab-onion white pizza turned out delicious, too, especially seasoned with Hawaiian red sea salt.’
    • ‘To start, we were brought plates of micro-thin crust pizza, one with a simple tomato sauce and herbs and the other a white pizza with herbs.’
    • ‘There are a handful of specialty options, too; the broccoli rabe, a white pizza sumptuously endowed with ricotta and garlic, is especially savory.’
    • ‘Suddenly the prospect of an Angelo's white pizza wasn't so appealing, especially since she knew that she'd probably be eating it in silence.’
    • ‘As we sipped Pellegrino, our small white pizza arrived.’
    • ‘Try the white pizza ($13), with roasted garlic and ricotta and mozzarella cheese, or the tuna sashimi ($14).’
    • ‘Tables are piled with red and white pizzas, stuffed breads, and antipasto.’


1970s translation of Italian pizza bianca.