Meaning of white privilege in English:

white privilege

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mass noun
  • Inherent advantages possessed by a white person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.

    ‘I'll be the first to acknowledge that I do benefit from white privilege’
    • ‘She looks at the balance between contributing to a conversation about race and acknowledging your own white privilege.’
    • ‘These inequalities stem from racist and exclusionary practices which continue to perpetuate white privilege and dominance.’
    • ‘With my black friend, we often talk about our experiences of racism and white privilege and similar topics.’
    • ‘He constantly talks about white privilege and how I have privilege because I'm a white male.’
    • ‘The governing party has protected white privilege.’
    • ‘Unless you acknowledge your white privilege, and the luxuries it affords, we won't ever move forward.’
    • ‘He has gained criticism for his refusal to acknowledge gender-neutral pronouns, his rejection of the concept of white privilege, and other reactionary ideas.’
    • ‘Maybe we can't all agree that he benefits from white privilege, but I hope we can all agree that he benefits from male privilege.’
    • ‘The incident drew nationwide attention because of its stark example of white privilege.’
    • ‘Would we have agreed that, as the unconscious beneficiaries of entrenched white privilege, we had an obligation to participate in the cure?’