Meaning of white pudding in English:

white pudding


mass noun
  • A kind of sausage made of oatmeal and suet.

    ‘There is a good market for the many shops in America that sell such Irish favorites as rashers, bangers, black and white pudding, and soda bread.’
    • ‘In the dining room, Richard is already tucking in to a plate of black and white pudding, having already dispatched a bowl of porridge oats.’
    • ‘I don't really like haggis, although I like Scottish black and white pudding - we bring that back from Scotland when we go over.’
    • ‘Breakfast should consist of sausages, rashers, eggs (fried, runny yolk), fried bread, black and white pudding, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans and toast.’
    • ‘The Irish can rustle up a proper breakfast though, 2-3,000 calories mostly made up from high cholesterol meaty goodness, salty bacon, black pudding, white pudding, sausages, fried bread.’
    • ‘‘Mars Bars, king-size pizzas, steak-and-kidney pies, white pudding, black pudding, practically any part of a chicken, bananas, ice-cream and, of course, haggis,’ she said with a lick of her lips.’
    • ‘Butchers from all parts of Ireland entered fresh samples of their traditional, or speciality, sausages, black or white pudding or drisheen.’
    • ‘The first thing that springs to mind is of course the Ulster Fry, a famous dish usually comprising bacon, sausages, eggs, black or white pudding, soda bread and potato bread, all good local produce.’
    • ‘In England, chopped chitterlings were used in the 16th century in a kind of white pudding; and a chitterling pie was known in England in the 18th century.’
    • ‘I set off an a wild goose chase for corned beef and white pudding, but having no luck, I returned to the hotel for a late lunch.’
    • ‘She joined Prol and myself and we had a leisurely Irish Fry: sausages, bacon, tomatoes, egg, black pudding and (I've never seen this anywhere outside of Ireland) white pudding.’
    • ‘Everywhere seems big on cooked breakfasts and these were hearty affairs although I couldn't bring myself to try the local equivalent of white pudding.’
    • ‘Bosco's Butchers won the ACBI (Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland) All-Ireland title for their famed white pudding.’
    • ‘Mr MacCormick happily volunteered for a white pudding instead of haggis.’
    • ‘Stuff the chicken with the white pudding and close up.’