Significado de white stick en en inglés

white stick



  • A white walking stick of a type carried by blind people, both to locate obstacles and identify them as blind.

    ‘Police believe they targeted him because he was carrying a white stick and would not be able to identify them fully.’
    • ‘I'm standing on this station forecourt surrounded by several blind commuters tapping white sticks.’
    • ‘Along with their guide dogs and white sticks, blind people are accompanied by staff who describe the paintings in fine detail.’
    • ‘He would have realised she was blind because of her white stick.’
    • ‘Officers said they could not believe it when he finally climbed out of the car wearing dark glasses and carrying a white stick.’
    • ‘I quickly bent down, picked up the white stick, tapped the blind guy with the handle and quickly scurried through the turnstile and didn't look back.’
    • ‘Janet Salt says the people who broke into her home must have known she was blind because they would have seen the white sticks she relies on as well as documents and labels in Braille.’
    • ‘It's difficult to understand why so many crutches, white sticks and wheelchairs remain unclaimed.’
    • ‘Wheelchairs, white sticks and dark glasses were the hottest accessories yesterday after some of Manchester's swankiest stores were given a makeover.’
    • ‘They tapped their white sticks across the sand covered wooden floor of the veranda, and encircled our table.’
    • ‘She said it was so sad to see them struggling with their white sticks.’
    • ‘He stands outside the entrance to the shopping mall, with a prominent white stick, and a small bowl of the type people put in their sink to do the washing up.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The system doesn't replace the need for a white stick or guide dog, but it makes a big difference to my confidence.’’
    • ‘‘This sounds great,’ said Richard, from Oldham, who relies on a support worker or his white stick to get around.’
    • ‘Mrs Burgess, who has severely limited blurred vision and lives in Nook, near Lupton, has completed the trek using her white stick and travels alone.’
    • ‘Her white stick and Labrador secured us great seats.’
    • ‘‘I use a white stick and have some vision but have difficulty with distance and detail,’ he says.’
    • ‘I have this great story about my blind friend Victor, who was walking along one afternoon with his white stick, and came across a large barrel in the middle of the road.’
    • ‘A white stick tapped the floor beside the chalk board.’
    • ‘I have neither white stick nor guide dog, by the way.’