Meaning of white top in English:

white top

Pronunciation /ˈwʌɪt ˌtɒp/


  • 1Designating a turnip root having a white top, and varieties of turnip producing such roots.

  • 2Of a plant: having upper parts (typically flowers or foliage) that are white or very pale.


  • 1Any of various grasses having a pale inflorescence.

  • 2Any of several eucalyptus trees, especially the blackbutt, Eucalyptus pilularis, the bark of which peels from the upper trunk, leaving a whitish surface.

  • 3US Any of various plants regarded as weeds of agricultural land, especially any of several white-flowered species of fleabane (genus Erigeron), and hoary cress, Lepidium draba.


Late 18th century. From white + top.