Meaning of white trash in English:

white trash

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mass nouninformal, derogatory North American
  • Poor white people, especially those living in the southern US.

    • ‘Chavs are merely a subsection of the working class, mostly drawn from poor white trash, and certainly not the majority.’
    • ‘At the time the fact that both of my parents had college degrees seemed a small differentiation from the other poor white trash on our peninsula.’
    • ‘Now I live in the city that hands more Anti-Social Behaviour Orders than anywhere else; the Evening News loves to publish a picture and they're always poor white trash.’
    • ‘Do you want me to grow up to be nothing more than poor white trash with no musical ability whatsoever?’
    • ‘He showed them whiskey and other items he had with him, including a couple of rifles so they would not regard him as common white trash.’
    • ‘Goldberg said he ‘resents’ the term white trash because of his own lower-middle-class background.’
    • ‘I mean, he may not have been white trash, but he certainly wasn't anyone commendable.’
    • ‘On hot days, these white trash members usually drive around with their legs hanging out the window for reasons I'm still not exactly sure of.’
    • ‘Gus Williker is 100 per cent white trash and proud of it.’
    • ‘All of my life I've been called names but never white trash.’
    • ‘The other two members are males who follow the stereotype of red neck white trash individuals from the same school as Lynrd Sknyrd but in the modern age.’
    • ‘Sure, he's the embodiment of every white trash stereotype known to man, but he's got a good heart and doesn't mean anyone any harm.’
    • ‘He was there, watching her act like a piece of white trash.’
    • ‘You're nothing but white trash in a nice dress and make up.’
    • ‘Walker's script portrays a couple of go-nowhere white trash who struggle desperately to climb out of the muck and back into civilized society.’
    • ‘The crowd gathering round the town courthouse weren't the kind of white trash everyone blamed for the lynchings that had taken place recently in other parts of Oklahoma.’
    • ‘There's an undertone of condescension, winking to let you know that, after all, everyone in this film is just white trash.’
    • ‘Once we hit 10 we stopped for a bite to eat at some small town Taco Bell and were greeted by some white trash freaks behind the counter.’
    • ‘There are a lot of nice guys out there that won't treat you like white trash and I know a few of them.’
    • ‘I plodded along through life, more or less successfully for Californian Central Coast white trash.’