Meaning of white truffle in English:

white truffle


  • An underground fungus eaten in Europe as a delicacy.

    Also called tartufo

    Tuber magnatum, family Tuberaceae, subdivision Ascomycotina. Alternative name: Piedmont truffle

    ‘We're talking about the white truffle, the fungus that grows mostly in Italy and only where it wants to - typically several inches below ground near the roots of oak and hazelnut trees.’
    • ‘For the chu-toro, in a medium bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, white truffles, and black truffles and toss to combine.’
    • ‘Amidst white truffles, porcini mushrooms, Gorgonzola cheese, chestnuts, and other treasures of the Piedmont region, Carlo Petrini grew up with a savory spoon in his mouth.’
    • ‘After that we both had the tagliatelle with white truffles, it being white truffle season.’
    • ‘A classic accompaniment for Barolo is Brasato al Barolo (beef braised in red wine), as of course is almost any dish made with the famous white truffles of the Alba region.’
    • ‘My epic meal at Sandor's started with salsify soup with white truffles, a blend of salsify, celery, leeks, onions, and a very strong vegetable stock.’
    • ‘Arrigo closed off the first floor, never done before, and gave us delicious local baby shrimps with olive oil, then ravioli with white truffles from Alba, then a choice of sole, liver or veal piccata.’
    • ‘For a few short weeks, precious white truffles from Italy are being air-freighted in and dropped into the hands of talented chefs across the city.’
    • ‘Both systems have advantages: when dining on pasta with white truffles, for example, a glass of barbera is called for, since both truffle and wine come from Piedmont.’
    • ‘My friend the Italian snob turned up her nose at the pan-roasted chicken, unmoved by a savory sauce laced with white truffles and sherry.’