Meaning of white wedding in English:

white wedding



  • A traditional church wedding at which the bride wears a formal white dress.

    ‘The bride wore a traditional white wedding gown, lifted with swathes of tulle in pale cream.’
    • ‘Wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and a long trailer behind her, Julie Sarandon walked down the aisle with her father.’
    • ‘Christians would have a church wedding, and we all know that some girls still dream of the white wedding in a large church with the traditional flowers and organ grinder, but there is a new way to get married.’
    • ‘Christmas bride Audrey Turner looked radiant in her white wedding dress as she walked down the aisle 50 years ago today.’
    • ‘And Elea, the blushing bride, wore her long white wedding gown made of silk.’
    • ‘Maria, 35, and IT consultant Keith, 39, who live in Urmston, dispensed with the traditional white wedding and opted for a ceremony to reflect Manchester.’
    • ‘The ‘Shrek’ star wants to ditch the traditional white wedding gown for an outfit that will pay tribute to her mother Billie's roots..’
    • ‘When the medic popped the big question to Gene on holiday last year they decided to forego the traditional white wedding in favour of something different and memorable.’
    • ‘As to the marriage itself, Rushdie again presents the reader with an acerbic gloss on the fairytale ideal of the white wedding and the beautiful bride.’
    • ‘The idea of a white wedding dress is so engrained in our consciousness that it's easy to forget it has not always been a meaningful part of the marriage ceremony.’
    • ‘Ellen had wanted a traditional white wedding because she married her first husband in a register office but she now says the whole experience has put her off.’
    • ‘N'gone, El Hadji's new wife, is dressed for a Western white wedding and her face is covered with a bridal veil.’
    • ‘Apparently, nearly half of us still prefer the traditional white wedding, and that's not cheap.’
    • ‘For those who can afford it, the bridegroom wears a Western-style suit while the bride wears the typical Western white wedding dress with a veil.’
    • ‘She held up a lacy white wedding dress, covered in beautiful seed pearls.’
    • ‘When the ceremony began, Jessie walked down the aisle wearing a beautiful white wedding gown.’
    • ‘Wearing a beautiful, white wedding dress down the aisle is one of the many dreams of women of all ages.’
    • ‘The big day had started so well with a white wedding at the Blessed Trinity Church in Wickersley followed by a reception at a nearby hotel.’
    • ‘She wants a white wedding and marriage in a church, and to be a virgin.’
    • ‘People still like the image of a big white wedding and partake in the ceremony regardless of religious views.’