Meaning of white willow in English:

white willow


  • A Eurasian stream-side willow which has narrow leaves with silky white hairs on both sides, and bark which contains salicin.

    Salix alba, family Salicaceae

    • ‘Herbs that alleviate pain are meadowsweet and the white willow tree - both are a natural source of aspirin.’
    • ‘He had ended up in a clearing, with white willows leaning to towards the water, trailing their long leafy curtain of fingers through the cool refreshing spring.’
    • ‘Today's aspirin is a synthetic copy of the compound from a white willow tree studied by Dioscorides, who noted that juices from its bark and leaves eased colds' aches and fevers.’
    • ‘To relieve headache pain, herbalists recommend white willow bark.’
    • ‘The water comes from what the company says was once land covered in vast forests of white willow containing Salicin.’