Meaning of white worm in English:

white worm


  • A burrowing marine bristle worm which is bluish-white with iridescent pink shading and a grey dorsal line.

    Nephtys hombergi, family Nephtyidae

    ‘Most prized of all are long, slimy white worms which are hacked out of mangrove branches and eaten live.’
    • ‘Middle England is infested with ugly estates, radioactive waste, wriggling white worms, Japanese knotweed and ghosts that do not always wish the living well.’
    • ‘Get another shoebox, top to 3/4 full with dampened peat moss, and you have the insurance of a supply of white worms.’
    • ‘The white worm is so long that it fits into the vertical case only by being draped up and down seven times.’
    • ‘The chemical that you could at one time purchase for white worm has now been withdrawn.’