Meaning of whitebeam in English:



  • A European tree related to the rowan, with red berries and hairy oval leaves that are white underneath.

    Sorbus aria, family Rosaceae

    • ‘Two other members of the apple family are the whitebeam and the rowan.’
    • ‘The adjudicator suggests one important undertaking that the Council should consider and that is a major tree planting programme using oak, ash, whitebeam, beech, chestnut and thorn or other similar trees.’
    • ‘A farm track is lined with young Swedish whitebeams.’
    • ‘They came home from work to find that their gardens had been entered in their absence and trees, such as ash and whitebeam, planted that can grow in time to a considerable height.’
    • ‘Sweet chestnut and a small group of whitebeam will be planted at staggered intervals over a 10-year period, to preserve the cathedral feel of the walkway.’