Meaning of whiteboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʌɪtbɔːd/

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  • 1A wipeable board with a white surface used for teaching or presentations.

    ‘On one wall is an ‘operations board’ - a whiteboard with a map of the village scrawled on it showing the extent of the flooding.’
    • ‘Software-based command centres have taken over the type of duties that would have involved blackboards, whiteboards and flip charts, and replaced them with an electronic data management tool.’
    • ‘I wish most presenters would use a simple on-screen slide show, or old-style film slides, or an overhead projector, or a whiteboard or flip chart!’
    • ‘The new boards can be used like traditional whiteboards, with teachers and children able to write on them, but go far beyond that.’
    • ‘One method of helping students with this is to provide a daily agenda on the bulletin board, whiteboard, or on a projection screen.’
    • ‘It all fell into place about 57 minutes into our allotted hour when one of the two presenters drew me a diagram on the whiteboard.’
    • ‘Petersen says he was standing there surveying the scene, when he happened to notice a large whiteboard off to one side.’
    • ‘Suitable flip charts or a whiteboard should be used for recording the proceedings.’
    • ‘Scribbled notes are left on whiteboards, postcards remain pinned to noticeboards and discarded paperwork adorns desks.’
    • ‘Earlier today the students and I filled up three whiteboards with revision for the history questions of their exam, no mean feat considering a number of them brought no notes with them.’
    • ‘As their teacher rattled off numbers in Chinese, the duo listened, picked up their markers, wrote identical answers on whiteboards and held it up for the audience to see!’
    • ‘Last Wednesday the court heard police evidence that the girl, whose initials were found scrawled on a whiteboard in the classroom where the fire started, had shouted ‘it was me, I burnt the school’ when arrested.’
    • ‘When i got into the Senior Study, Von and Sammie had written ‘Happy Birthday’ on the whiteboard so everyone who came in said happy birthday to me.’
    • ‘The aim of the lesson is written on the whiteboard: ‘By the end of this lesson, you will be able to describe weapons that would be good for attacking a castle.’’
    • ‘The whiteboard works well for important long-term tasks, but for short-term daily readings a five-subject notebook works best.’
    • ‘A planner that tells you when and where you're supposed to be, usually a whiteboard with jottings left over from six weeks before.’
    • ‘I outlined above what got scribbled on the whiteboard.’
    • ‘But one class was still full of students, many still poring over math formulas written on the whiteboard.’
    • ‘There's a good reason for this, but I'm going to have difficulty explaining it to you without a whiteboard and a set of coloured marker pens.’
    • ‘A large whiteboard, scrawled with tasks, dominates another wall.’
    1. 1.1Computing An area common to several users or applications, where they can exchange information, in particular as handwriting or graphics.
      ‘Some of the objects you'll find include folders, documents, whiteboards and URL links.’
      • ‘There's also integrated Bluetooth, which can be used to connect to other Zodiacs for shared whiteboard applications, messaging, and wireless multiplayer gaming.’
      • ‘The school is incredibly well resourced with a computer suite, dedicated library area and interactive whiteboards.’
      • ‘Speakers, microphones, and television cameras allow live audio conferences, videoconferences, and group whiteboards to pass information at near simultaneous speeds.’
      • ‘‘Most of the time when we come in, the customer is using an Excel spreadsheet, or a whiteboard,’ says McGarr.’
      • ‘You can use it as a whiteboard and then print out your notes/diagram and the screen contents.’
      • ‘Information management and data resource include such options such as file exchange, editing, Web browsing, and whiteboards (with image and PowerPoint functions).’
      • ‘The project also includes interactive whiteboards for classrooms and Kaleidos educational software.’
      • ‘There are two whiteboards for providing information and giving briefings, and comfortably upholstered benches in one corner.’
      • ‘Plugged into an interactive whiteboard, it could tell a student if the answer proposed was correct, for example.’
      • ‘‘There are whiteboards everywhere,’ she pointed out, ‘and open workspaces, stimulating the exchange of ideas.’’
      • ‘Mr Fitzgerald said he is trying to educate faculty members on the benefits of using whiteboards.’
      • ‘And with an internet connection, the whiteboard can be used to tap into educational websites, or enable the children to follow world events.’
      • ‘All the classrooms have a whiteboard with a touch screen and can run any software from a computer.’
      • ‘Classrooms look more like hi-tech offices, with clusters of flat-screen display computers and lessons taught using touch-screen whiteboards.’
      • ‘The school is testing digital whiteboards, one of many new technologies that officials hope will help shake up the rigid education system.’
      • ‘Virtual whiteboards will link analysts and the battle captain in a collaborative environment.’
      • ‘For those in the mood for work, the business centre has five boardrooms equipped with ISDN lines, a whiteboard, TV, video player and fax lines.’
      • ‘‘The teacher has a computer on the desk and can project different Web pages onto the whiteboard,’ Kearney said.’
      • ‘Tutors either speak using headphones or use a whiteboard and digital pencil so that one side can see what the other is writing.’