Meaning of whitefish in English:


nounwhitefish, whitefishes

  • A mainly freshwater fish of the salmon family, widely used as food.

    Coregonus and other genera, family Salmonidae: several species. See and cisco and , and houting and , and powan and , and and vendace

    • ‘Sport anglers flock there in pursuit of steelhead trout, coho salmon and whitefish.’
    • ‘Spin casting for lake trout, whitefish, and northern pike is reason enough to pack the rods, but the big draw is fly-fishing for arctic grayling.’
    • ‘Tuna, salmon, whitefish, and mackerel are good choices.’
    • ‘All the usual varieties were laid out - zander, whitefish, trout and taimen.’
    • ‘His father, Allan Bjornaa Sr., is a Batchewana First Nation fisherman who catches whitefish and lake trout in Lake Superior.’