Meaning of whitefront in English:


(also white-fronted goose)


  • A migratory goose with mainly grey plumage and a white forehead, breeding in northern Eurasia and North America.

    Genus Anser, family Anatidae: two species

    • ‘Travelling in smaller groups than snow geese (often in singles and pairs), whitefronts are more likely to decoy than snows.’
    • ‘The rationale behind having seasons for both ‘dark’ geese (whitefronts, Canadas) run concurrently is to reduce chances waterfowlers could mistake a whitefront for a Canada when the Canada season is open and whitefronts closed.’
    • ‘Loose observation of whitefronts already in the Houston area indicates a high percentage of tan-breasted juveniles, which tend to be more gullible than adults’
    • ‘Far out on the Great Plain, the pale-chested white-fronts waddled calmly about their business, oblivious to their ornithological star status.’
    • ‘The autumn population, as estimated on staging grounds in southern Canada, has gone from about 800,000 whitefronts to just more than 400,000.’