Meaning of whitethroat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʌɪtθrəʊt/

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  • A migratory Eurasian and North African warbler with a grey head and white throat.

    Genus Sylvia, family Sylviidae: three species, in particular the common S. communis

    ‘Other reported species usually not seen during the British winter included willow warblers, garden warblers, reed warblers, and whitethroats.’
    • ‘There are birds in the garden that are rarely seen in London, such as the common sandpiper, sedge warbler and lesser whitethroat, with smew and goosander on the lake in winter.’
    • ‘We have planted over 800 native trees along the embankment, creating a wonderful habitat for warblers such as whitethroat, garden warbler and blackcap, as well as linnets, once a common bird that seems to be disappearing.’
    • ‘Behind the glass all of London turned over uneasily in the dark hours before dawn, and angels took to wing in St John's Wood and Blackfriars as somewhere a whitethroat began to sing.’
    • ‘‘Breeding numbers of species such as whitethroat are substantially lower in drier years, so further declines in trans-Saharan migrants might be expected with climate change,’ the authors wrote.’