Meaning of whitewood in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʌɪtwʊd/


  • 1mass noun Light-coloured wood, especially when made up into furniture and ready for staining, varnishing, or painting.

    as modifier ‘a whitewood cabinet’
    • ‘The tuning coil frame was built using American whitewood, and fixed with wooden bolts.’
    • ‘There were other calls about whitewood and Japanese cycads with scale’
    • ‘With its 10 whitewood pews and four film projectors, the church serves as a 3-D museum and theater.’
    • ‘Her whitewood staff, as always, was clutched in her hand.’
    • ‘Bows can be made totally from sapwood of many tree species, but some slight changes need to be made in the following designs to accommodate whitewood bows.’
  • 2North American Any of a number of trees that yield pale timber.

    a silver fir (Abies alba, family Pinaceae).a basswood.the tulip tree.

    ‘Imagine about a fifty metre span of wire inexpertly strung, sneaking through those coolibahs, wilgas and whitewoods.’
    • ‘Apart from grape vines for shading pergolas and some lawn areas, river red gums, melaleucas, whitewoods and native grasses, such as native lemon grass and kangaroo grass, were the obvious choices, in keeping with the riverside site.’
    • ‘The major populations of whitewoods can be found within the Diana's Peak National Park growing along side the dogwoods, black cabbages trees and tree fern thicket.’
    • ‘The northern whitewoods grow in brutal climates in the northern US states and into Canada where the growing season is short.’
    • ‘Currently, some 80% of the wood used in the Scottish construction industry is imported - mostly softwoods, i.e. redwoods and whitewoods from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.’