Meaning of whitlow-grass in English:



mass noun
  • A dwarf European plant with a rosette of leaves at the base of a low flowering stem, growing widely on rocks and walls. It was formerly believed to cure whitlows.

    Genus Erophila, family Cruciferae: several species, in particular E. verna

    ‘The spring draba, or spring whitlow-grass, grows throughout the United States and Canada.’
    • ‘Spring whitlow-grass is a small annual that is easy to overlook because of its diminutive size, yet it is often one of the most abundant flowering plants underfoot in the west.’
    • ‘Whitlow grass likes to grow in a sunny part of the garden, but is fine in slightly shaded areas too.’
    • ‘Early Whitlow Grass is occasional to locally common in most areas of Illinois, except for the western and NW areas of the state, where it is rare or absent,’
    • ‘The biennial or perennial hoary whitlow grass differs from its closest relatives in having straight hairs on the flower-stalks and base of the stem.’