Meaning of whizzo in English:


(also wizzo)

Pronunciation /wɪzˈəʊ/


informal, dated British often as exclamation
  • Excellent.

    • ‘here in 24 whizzo pages is The Story of Monetary Policy’
    • ‘Eric said the water ruined their electronic wizzo till, affected the overhead lights and doused the cigarette and sweet stock.’
    • ‘When it was discovered that nobody liked watching them, the channel had the whizzo idea of buying well-made, grown-up TV shows from America like ER, Ally McBeal and Frasier.’
    • ‘But this year I've been given some whizzo presents (not one watch - can you Adam and Eve it?) which required a more proactive approach.’
    • ‘‘I also liked the look of Trafficmaster which is having a whizzo time with its electronic maps in cars,’ he said.’
    • ‘So any whizzo socialist spending schemes Brown may entertain will need to be paid for by cuts.’
    • ‘These boys from California probably thought it was bit of a wizzo idea to take their name from Tolkien's masterpiece for your up and coming heavy metal rock band.’
    • ‘This whizzo gadget can monitor 8 temperatures and control 8 fans automatically according to temperature.’
    • ‘Of course, Intel don't expect you to be buying this motherboard intending to use the on-board video to replace your whizzo video card.’