Meaning of whole-time in English:



South Asian
another term for full-time (adjective)
  • ‘Station officer Andy Green, from Melksham, joined the service as a retained firefighter based at Trowbridge, in 1984, joining whole-time in 1990.’
  • ‘They would do everything that whole-time firefighters would do, even though it may take a couple of years to be completely trained.’
  • ‘Farmers manage 75 per cent of the land in the UK and, in 1984, their workforce totalled 161,000 regular whole-time farm workers.’
  • ‘There are about 10,000 beneficed clergy working whole-time for the Church, and a rather larger number unpaid, retired or working as chaplains in prisons, hospitals and so on.’
  • ‘The report is understood to recommend more full-time staff for rural areas and an upgrading of cover from retained crews to whole-time crews in some mixed and rural brigade areas of Britain.’
  • ‘Mr Wright did recognise that a more flexible approach to whole-time and retained firefighters working together would help efficiency and provide a better service to the public.’
  • ‘He has been appointed whole-time director on the board of Larsen & Toubro Ltd.’
  • ‘The partner organisations for the whole-time, 12-month programme include Waterford Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Carlow, Tipperary Institute and Enterprise Ireland.’
  • ‘It is conservatively estimated that the programme itself will generate 15 new whole-time or part-time seasonal jobs in the first year and will have an economic benefit to the area of E1.5 million annually.’
  • ‘Anju, of course, trained whole-time with world record holder Mike Powell for three months in 2003, the only instance when she has had a full-time coach in her career.’
  • ‘The provision of funding for these part-time hours would require the creation of 110 whole-time equivalent posts, or giving work to hundreds of temporary staff.’
  • ‘Each of them will have made a personal journey to this point and it is to be hoped that as many as possible of them will continue their studies with the Institute whether on a whole-time or part-time basis.’
  • ‘These levels are based on the number of pupils at the school and the teacher allocations are calculated in terms of whole-time posts, including part-time staff.’
  • ‘Partho S Datta, director, has been appointed as a whole-time director of the company with effect from 1 April 2002.’
  • ‘Monaghan County Council has the worst record with a mere 0.27 per cent of its whole-time workforce employed with a disability.’
  • ‘The addition of three whole-time nurses has enabled the service to extend from five to seven day cover in line with recent government policy in palliative care.’
  • ‘And then in 1947, I decided to give up my studies to come out as a whole-time worker of the RSS.’
  • ‘There are approximately 500 whole-time equivalent home helps employed in the region.’
  • ‘The Prime Minister has appointed a whole-time special adviser on intelligence.’
  • ‘The Board made an historic decision early in the year to engage a further whole-time medical officer.’


South Asian
another term for full-time (adverb)