Meaning of whole-timer in English:



South Asian

See whole-time

  • ‘He is based at Swindon as a whole-timer but when he is off duty he leads the retained fire crews.’
  • ‘Janah moved to Bombay, where he became a full party member and a whole-timer living in party headquarters.’
  • ‘She encouraged young activists and women to work as whole-timers in the Party.’
  • ‘A band of over 5000 trained whole-timers, of whom 2000 are women, are spreading the message of sadhana, service and sacrifice.’
  • ‘The meeting, which will be an occasion for introspection, will discuss the situations of whole-timers vis-a-vis the organisation, as well as the many organisational weaknesses.’
  • ‘At present there are 2,824 whole-timers in the Bengal unit of the CPI.’