Meaning of whole note in English:

whole note


North American Music
  • A note having the time value of two minims or four crotchets, represented by a ring with no stem. It is the longest note now in common use.

    • ‘For people who might look at the score, with its long held whole notes and wonder where the music is, I can tell you that it is in the living, trembling, vibrating sounds that these dots are converted into performance.’
    • ‘Students will first begin by identifying which color M&Ms represent which notes: an eighth note, a quarter note, a half note, and a whole note (the pretzels will be the stems).’
    • ‘If the strings were given anything to play besides extended whole notes, I didn't hear it.’
    • ‘The whole note derives from the semibrevis of mensural notation, and this is the origin of the British name.’
    • ‘The note twice the length of the whole note is the double whole note (or breve).’


whole note