Meaning of whole step in English:

whole step


  • An interval of a (whole) tone.

    • ‘For example, the sight-singing student will view the passage C-D-E-F as two whole steps followed by a half step.’
    • ‘The distance from Do to Re, for instance, should always be a whole step; the distance from Do to Mi a major third and so forth.’
    • ‘In this form, the seven intervals are of two sizes, the whole tone (or whole step) and the semitone (or half-step).’
    • ‘The hook itself is formed by cut-up bits of MIA's voice, consisting of one measure staying on the tonic followed by half a measure dropping a whole step to a diminished (?) seventh.’
    • ‘A Jazz Symphony structurally comes down to two notes, a whole step apart.’


whole step