Meaning of wholemeal in English:



  • Denoting flour or bread made from whole grains of wheat, including the husk or outer layer.

    • ‘The problem with ‘granary’ bread is that the wholemeal flour content can actually be quite low.’
    • ‘Good sources include wholegrains (brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholewheat pasta), nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables.’
    • ‘Eat unrefined starches like wholemeal bread, brown rice and wholewheat pasta.’
    • ‘Wholegrain foods such as brown rice and wholemeal bread do much to ensure proper bowel function, and recent evidence suggests the benefits go way beyond merely keeping us regular.’
    • ‘There are seven cheeses on the Yorkshire cheeseboard. and even the wholemeal flour used in the kitchen is from Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Using floured hands, tip the dough on to a board dusted with wholemeal flour.’
    • ‘I never had wholemeal flour (and if I do I make carrot cake), so I've not tried this one.’
    • ‘Then on Sunday I baked myself a loaf of bread - I used a mix of white and wholemeal flour to which I added a good handful of oats.’
    • ‘Sandwiches or rolls are often easiest and good choices if you use whole grain or wholemeal bread.’
    • ‘Sometimes, after a long day, if I've been too busy to eat, I'll have Heinz Baked Beans on wholemeal bread.’
    • ‘Every day he eats a packet of Jaffa cakes and wholemeal biscuits and has mashed potato mixed with plain rice, baked beans and brown sauce in the evening.’
    • ‘My husband ordered the Hummus, a tasty homemade version, chunky and lemony, served with two large rolls of what looked like wholemeal soda bread.’
    • ‘Serve the fish with some herbed yoghurt sauce, some toasted granary or wholemeal bread and a fresh rocket salad.’
    • ‘Tonight will no doubt be something with wholemeal rice and lots of vegetables.’
    • ‘Instead, the message should be reinforced that simple dishes such as grilled fish, wholemeal rice and carrots can be just as healthy as fancier fare.’
    • ‘While waiting for the various bits of the pie to need my attention I also knocked up some lentil soup and fresh wholemeal rolls.’
    • ‘Reaching for fruit, yoghurt, raisin toast or wholemeal crispbreads more often than for high-energy, nutrient-poor choices will help to keep you in shape.’
    • ‘Serve piping hot with warmed wholemeal naan or flatbread.’
    • ‘Eat more fruit and vegetables, wholemeal products and milk products’
    • ‘Wheat, be it ever so wholemeal and stoneground, is not a natural food for Homo sapiens.’
    • ‘Wheat, be it ever so wholemeal and stoneground, is not a natural food for Homo sapiens.’
    unbleached, wholemeal


mass nounBritish
  • Wholemeal bread or flour.

    ‘sliced wholemeal with added bran’
    • ‘A jacket potato stuffed with field mushrooms, and a couple of slices of good organic wholemeal so's not to waste any of the delicious sauce.’
    • ‘Give me a couple of slices of wholemeal, and I'm a happy man.’
    • ‘Slower sugar-releasing breads such as 100 per cent wholemeal or whole rye bread would be a better bet.’
    • ‘Their larders would have been stocked well with milk, flour, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, wheatmeal, wholemeal etc. and there would have even been some meat hanging on crooks from the ceiling.’
    • ‘Her mother was something of a food crank - she insisted on making her own wholemeal.’
    • ‘I like wholemeal so that's good.’
    • ‘We will have a competition for best toast, split down into categories (sliced white, wholemeal etc), and of course food will be provided by catering vans, as long as they provide toast.’
    • ‘You can try wholemeal, but we find white is better, and the walnuts add the necessary colour and texture as well as flavour.’
    • ‘They think it's high fibre, it's wholemeal, must be good for you.’