Meaning of wholescale in English:



another term for wholesale
  • ‘After mounting pressure from independent financial advisers across the UK, Tiner is to promise a wholescale review of charging.’
  • ‘Merger plans will form part of a vote on whether people want a wholescale re-organisation of local government, due to take place next autumn.’
  • ‘The mainstream English language press had yet to report the story and it was understandable that some readers withheld judgement on whether such a wholescale cull had in fact really taken place.’
  • ‘The mere fact that sickness levels require wholescale investigation suggests managers are unable to explain what happens within their areas of responsibility.’
  • ‘In the background is the wholescale review of education provision in North Craven currently being carried out by North Yorkshire County Council.’
  • ‘In my eyes, it didn't succeed, but it wasn't a wholescale failure either.’
  • ‘The wholescale Cabinet cull when McConnell entered office was never sustainable long term.’
  • ‘In many cases you get the feeling that testing goes on wholescale, is often repeated (by different scientists working in parallel) or is unnecessary, all of which are unacceptable.’
  • ‘He reports in the Washington Post that these changes will include everything from simple fixes - like fielding equipment to those who need it - to wholescale restructuring and unit deactivations.’
  • ‘In the case of a conspiracy to defraud by wholescale misappropriation it would be absurd to argue that the conspirators did not intend just that.’
  • ‘Sadly we are just reaping the rewards of the wholescale sell-off of the UK utilities industry to overseas investors.’
  • ‘But he cautioned that he wasn't sure the time was right yet to provide them wholescale around the country as they could be quite dangerous if used by an untrained person.’
  • ‘The move has led to wholescale interference with video recorders.’
  • ‘If a few billion people die, then a wholescale change in the attitude of the species might just take place.’
  • ‘Ultimately, they embarked on wholescale social engineering.’
  • ‘The buildings and the estate as a whole are not in such a condition that a wholescale refurbishment is difficult to imagine.’
  • ‘On Wednesday Franz Fischler, European agriculture commissioner, will announce his long-awaited proposals for wholescale change to the system of supporting Europe's farmers.’
  • ‘After self-management, the next step was wholescale stock transfer.’
  • ‘Amidst wholescale rebuilding of the flattened city, the architects, Chamberlain, Powell and Bon, started thinking about the space in 1951.’
  • ‘She takes you room by room through the average house, offering solutions that range from simple color changes to wholescale renovation.’