Meaning of wholesome in English:



  • 1Conducive to or suggestive of good health and physical well-being.

    ‘the food is plentiful and very wholesome’
    • ‘It's also very easy to buy healthy, wholesome, non-processed foods and go back to eating the way our parents did.’
    • ‘Buying wholesome, healthy ingredients and cooking them at home is so simple.’
    • ‘At first glance, the poster girl for Cachez cosmetics looks as healthy and wholesome as any other.’
    • ‘Also, other than fruits and vegetables, is there another healthy, wholesome snack?’
    • ‘The parent can then suggest wholesome alternatives to achieve the same end.’
    • ‘Start being sensible about eating wholesome and healthy food and get in shape.’
    • ‘What chance do they stand of growing up with a taste for wholesome, nourishing food when their mothers cannot be bothered to feed them correctly?’
    • ‘Everyone loves the wholesome nutrition of vegetables, but is there really much of that in frozen mixed veggies?’
    • ‘It looks as though the food given the detainees at Guantanamo is wholesome, nutritious and appealing.’
    • ‘They took the name Bare Earth for their business to reflect their wish to produce good, natural, wholesome foods.’
    • ‘They should point out the benefits of a wholesome and balanced diet and the harm from eating too much junk food.’
    • ‘Tapioca is nutritious and wholesome, and in Kerala is known as the poor man's vegetable.’
    • ‘There is testimony that is it both wholesome and nourishing, as well as economical.’
    • ‘Another alternative is 100 per cent rye bread, which is relatively wholesome and nutritious.’
    • ‘It might be medically unsound to be overweight, but somehow it's more wholesome than our current pursuit of physical perfection.’
    • ‘The school nurse visited to talk about healthy bodies and the children learnt to cook wholesome foods.’
    • ‘And thinking specifically of the terribly wholesome, fairly traded, organic peanut butter we have here?’
    • ‘It seems American icon Martha Stewart might not be as wholesome as her homemade apple pies would suggest.’
    • ‘It's not really wholesome stuff, but it can be nutritious enough for a cat that can't eat dry kibble.’
    • ‘Choosing organic whole fruit would be a more wholesome option for Rhona.’
    healthy, health-giving, healthful, good, good for one, beneficial, sustaining, strengthening, nutritious, nourishing, full of nourishment, full of nutrients, nutritive, unrefined
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    1. 1.1Conducive to or characterized by moral well-being.
      ‘good wholesome fun’
      • ‘The emphasis is on good, wholesome fun, and relaxation for the family with an enviable spread of good food and activities.’
      • ‘It's an absolute staple of sanity and good wholesome cultural fun, and by Jove there are some fine tunes to be had into the bargain.’
      • ‘If this makes it all sound a bit Famous Five, all wholesome fun with lashings of ginger beer, then I apologise.’
      • ‘An event that packs in fun, frolic and wholesome entertainment is just round the corner.’
      • ‘It's a tragically satisfying hobby that offers a never-ending source of wholesome fun.’
      • ‘That sort of Carnival strikes me as innocent and wholesome compared to what's going on in Germany.’
      • ‘From this standpoint, rural people and their culture represent a negation of everything that is wholesome and pure about nature.’
      • ‘Nick Lachey is a nice wholesome boy from Kentucky, and Jessica is a down home girl from Texas.’
      • ‘The bible talks about thinking about things that are pure and wholesome and good.’
      • ‘We're also allowed to say nice wholesome things and there has been an extraordinary amount of that about.’
      • ‘Trouble is, it has all become a bit fruity and earthy, despite the best efforts of the SRU to keep it clean and wholesome.’
      • ‘The main character is so wholesome and innocent that she's almost alienating.’
      • ‘Even Florida taxi drivers like their players wholesome and squeaky-clean.’
      • ‘Nationally, the Liberal Democrats have consistently tried to present a nice wholesome face.’
      • ‘Our center will provide a way for them to learn the art of clean, wholesome living and social responsibility.’
      • ‘A visit to the buzzing town of Ibiza provides a nice contrast to the wholesome yoga scene.’
      • ‘There she is, sniffing a rose, or smiling with hair-clipped innocence, like some author of wholesome books for children.’
      • ‘Though we may have started out extending a wholesome influence on only one person, that influence could expand to many others.’
      • ‘Not enough wholesome movies are made today, so it's nice to be reminded that such movies exist.’
      • ‘There is an element of righteous anger, especially when a purveyor of a wholesome family image is the guilty party.’
      moral, ethical, good, nice, clean, virtuous, pure, innocent, chaste
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Middle English probably already in Old English (see whole, -some).