Meaning of wholesomeness in English:



See wholesome

  • ‘Harold promotes the value and wholesomeness of teen chastity under the title ‘Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself.’’
  • ‘It introduced a GM product into a food viewed by most consumers to be - and marketed for - its purity and wholesomeness.’
  • ‘For those whose childhood memories stretch back a few decades, the name Walt Disney is likely to bring associations of wholesomeness, innocence and American virtue.’
  • ‘Italy, in contrast to America, represents a purity and wholesomeness that she desires but can never have because of her identity as an American.’
  • ‘Durable life is the amount of time, starting on the day a food is packaged, that the unopened food will retain its normal wholesomeness, palatability and nutritional value, when stored under appropriate conditions.’