Meaning of wholistic in English:



variant spelling of holistic
  • ‘Today, a typical American bookstore usually features shelf after shelf of books concerned with mysticism, wholistic medicine, astrology, metaphysics, witches, the occult, Eastern religion.’
  • ‘It doesn't have the wholistic feel of the albums to come, but it still has its own flow.’
  • ‘The guiding principle behind her wholistic view of health is that ‘well-being must come from within first - and then healthy people can branch out to others.’’
  • ‘In addition to teaching workshops, Tina maintains a wholistic health consulting practice.’
  • ‘Whereas early Baptist spirituality was wholistic, Allen found increasing bifurcation of affective and intellectual elements in the autobiographies of ministers in the period after 1891.’
  • ‘‘The emergency department is not set up to provide the type of wholistic care a GP can give,’ Mr Leck said.’
  • ‘The Lismore Domestic Violence Committee is trying to encourage people to take a more wholistic approach to family life: care for yourself, care for your family.’
  • ‘It is a wholistic science that places great emphasis on prevention and aims at bringing about and maintaining harmony of body, mind, and consciousness.’
  • ‘From this example, one can get an idea of the wholistic treatment approach of Osain Herbology.’
  • ‘I also highly recommend colonic therapy to eliminate toxins faster, but see your GP and a wholistic practitioner before trying this.’