Meaning of whomp something up in English:

whomp something up

phrasal verb

informal North American
  • Produce something quickly.

    ‘I might whomp up a couple of gallons of spaghetti sauce’
    • ‘I never thought I could have Ableskeevers again, but Jim somehow whomped them up with almond flour!’
    • ‘And lots of folks are whomping them up for for free.’
    • ‘The list below represents the establishments that I normally buy my gun furniture and finishing supplies from when the shop doesn't craft or whomp them up.’
    • ‘To illustrate this, I whomped up the following table.’
    • ‘If it holds up, forget all the other ‘scandals’ getting whomped up out of next to nothing.’
    • ‘But then, of course, they have to whomp up some reasons.’
    • ‘You'd never get the feeling that the government counter-terrorists are trying to whomp up business for themselves, would you?’
    • ‘I'll whomp up some commentary on his stuff eventually; this is all about getting him more traffic.’
    • ‘So pat yourselves on the back while Geoff and I whomp up a few terms for that equation.’