Meaning of whomsoever in English:


Pronunciation /huːmsəʊˈɛvə/

relative pronoun

  • Used instead of ‘whosoever’ as the object of a verb or preposition.

    ‘they supported his right to marry whomsoever he chose’
    • ‘Firstly, it is claimed that gender is unimportant online - that you are free to be yourself, or whomsoever you choose.’
    • ‘The ruler chose whomsoever he wanted to fulfil the task in hand, from the men at his disposal.’
    • ‘I shall write an ode for whomsoever solves the problem for me.’
    • ‘In the countryside I know no-one whomsoever who has not lost an animal.’
    • ‘In political circles it was said that whomsoever won Tunapuna invariably won the country.’