Meaning of whoomph in English:


(also whoomp)


  • A sudden loud sound, such as that made by a muffled or distant explosion.

    ‘the distant whoomph of anti-aircraft shells bursting’
    • ‘And while I was looking at that side, there was a huge sort of whoomph, and I turned round and the petrol tanks on the port wing had burst into flames, so there was nothing much we could do other than leave [the plane].’
    • ‘If you hear a whoomph, the strong layer has just collapsed the weak layer.’
    • ‘When we gathered midslope at a cluster of trees, the entire half-mile-wide hillside released with a quiet whoomph.’
    • ‘We descended fast to land with a whoomph in a pub garden.’
    • ‘They listened as their footsteps fell for sounds of sudden settling, the ominous whoomph of a weak layer of invisible depth hoar giving way under their weight.’
    • ‘But, for me, even the coolest Deathstars, lasers, and warp drives cannot rival the lush countryside of Northern France, single shot carbines, and the distant whoomph of field guns and exploding mortars.’
    • ‘An almighty bottomless bass rumble whoomphs in at a disturbing frequency like a mini sonic explosion, announcing the opening track ‘The Longest Time’.’
    • ‘Moments later, he was hearing the rapid whoomphs of metal breaking through air high above him.’


1950s imitative.