Meaning of whoopee cushion in English:

whoopee cushion


  • A rubber cushion that makes a sound like the breaking of wind when someone sits on it.

    • ‘The wife is quite short, and runs excitedly around the shop trying to sell you a rubber rat, a whoopee cushion, or spicy hot chewing gum.’
    • ‘The largest simultaneous Whoopee Cushion Sit saw a total of 1,372 people sit on whoopee cushions simultaneously at the Gala opening of the 2003 Brighton Comedy Festival on October 10, 2003.’
    • ‘Fans of the Beano and Dandy are playing a host of tricks on unsuspecting customers, the Diary learns: fake dog poo, bangers in cigarettes, whoopee cushions, vile sweets and itching powder included.’
    • ‘She can get you a lip gloss for 5p, a whoopee cushion for 6p or a pen for 2p.’
    • ‘‘Chaucer liked a good pun,’ says another guy who stands up slightly, then sits down again on his whoopee cushion.’
    • ‘We got in trouble once for putting a whoopee cushion on a friend's seat during primary school assembly and - in comparison - that seems like nothing.’
    • ‘Maybe a whoopee cushion under Emily or an unguarded intimate moment of Ken pondering his diminishing supply of Viagra might give us all a bit of light relief!’
    • ‘Before him there's a half-full ashtray and a yellow whoopee cushion.’
    • ‘I got a whoopee cushion which I managed to surprise my boss with - always a good laugh!’
    • ‘Take, for example, those ‘consultants’ who get called in to ‘inject fun into the corporate environment’ using googly glasses and whoopee cushions.’
    • ‘They have books, books on tape, whoopee cushions, comedy cassettes, slot machines, and generally over 500 varieties of liquid refreshment.’
    • ‘As the weekend progresses, her special guests begin to discover Muffy's playful sense of humor as whoopee cushions, fall apart chairs, and dribble glasses show up at every turn.’
    • ‘Qualified Microsoft engineers have been sent free whoopee cushions from the Beast of Redmond to encourage them to take Windows 2000 certification.’
    • ‘From whoopee cushions to loosened lids on saltshakers, he did it all.’
    • ‘I got up, grabbing my bookbag full of stink bombs, whoopee cushions and other ultimate party starters.’
    • ‘The first of April is fast approaching, and pranksters are stocking up on hand buzzers and whoopee cushions.’
    • ‘He also has a penchant for whoopee cushions, so that meetings begin with a definite air of farce.’
    • ‘If you snicker when someone says ‘Uranus,’ find Carrot Top absolutely hilarious, or perhaps still carry around a whoopee cushion, Conker: Live & Reloaded will be right up your alley.’
    • ‘One afternoon, he put a whoopee cushion under Aunt Lila.’
    • ‘At that moment Abby sat on the whoopee cushion and let out an enormous, rude noise.’


whoopee cushion