Meaning of whooper in English:


(also whooper swan)

Pronunciation /ˈhuːpə/ /ˈwuːpə/


  • A large migratory swan with a black and yellow bill and a loud trumpeting call, breeding in northern Eurasia and Greenland.

    Cygnus cygnus, family Anatidae

    • ‘Today, fewer than 200 whoopers survive in the wild, most migrating with sandhill cranes between Canada and Texas.’
    • ‘Fewer than a dozen of those whoopers continue to migrate with their adoptive parents, but none of them has yet produced offspring.’
    • ‘One whooper and five Bewick's swans have been fitted with transmitters which will enable them to be visibly tracked by satellite and followed online.’
    • ‘As the fall of 2002 approached, researchers hoped the cranes would fly south unassisted, while a new flock of whoopers trailed ultralights.’
    • ‘Three juvenile female whoopers made their way to South Dakota.’



/ˈhuːpə/ /ˈwuːpə/