Meaning of whump in English:


Pronunciation /wʌmp/ /wʊmp/


  • A dull or muffled thudding sound.

    ‘the whump of a distant explosion’
    • ‘A muffled whump sounded and a streak left the launcher and struck the target.’
    • ‘This was followed by a loud crash, a bang, a muffled whump, and then a blood-curdling scream that echoed around the waterfront before dying off into a pathetic moan and silence.’
    • ‘One touch to the ground and Scarback beats his wings with a muffled whump and soars high, perhaps five feet into the air, as his opponent rises to meet him.’
    • ‘Their sound has tiers like a wedding cake or a cathedral - the whump of the bass and drums beneath the savage guitars and strings beneath the skipping flute.’
    • ‘Comfortingly, as I type this, I can feel the whump of a helicopter circling overhead.’
    bang, sharp noise, crack, boom, clang, peal, clap, pop, snap, knock, tap, slam, thud, thump, clunk, clonk, clash, crash, smash, smack


no object, with adverbial
  • 1Make a whump.

    ‘he pitched a snowball that whumped into the car’
    • ‘You hear both main tires pop as you whump to the ground short of the runway.’
    1. 1.1with object Strike (something) heavily with a whump.
      ‘she began whumping him on his lower back’
      • ‘The kick on the third shot sent me stumbling back a step and I fell against the wooden railing, felt it give, and then before I had time to catch on, something big and hard and solid whumped the wind right out of me.’
      thump, clunk, clonk, crash, smash, smack, bang, thunder


Late 19th century imitative.



/wʌmp/ /wʊmp/