Significado de whup en en Inglés


Pronunciación /wʌp/

verbowhups, whupping, whupped

[con objeto]
  • 1Norteamericano coloquial Beat or assault (someone)

    ‘I betcha I could whup your ass’
    • ‘he almost got his ass whupped a few times’
    • ‘they would whup him and send him home’
    • ‘We were so angry, if we weren't at work we would've whupped this little man.’
    • ‘Building a city from blocks, dice, toy soldiers and other odds and ends, he's transported into a make-believe municipality just in time to slay a monster, whup a villain, load up an ark - and learn a few lessons in kindness and humility.’
    • ‘He could get real cross when he drank, but he didn't whup us much long as we steered clear.’
    1. 1.1Utterly defeat or dominate (an opponent or rival)
      ‘he promised that he would resign after his party got whupped in the elections’
      • ‘if you lined up our guys against the 49ers, they'd get whupped’
      • ‘Where part of Woods' dominance is the overt intimidation that his high-octane presence provokes in others, Annika routinely whups what passes for her competition by dint of nothing more than total superiority.’
      • ‘The longer you last, the greater the odds against you and the bigger the chance of receiving a close-range whupping.’
      • ‘Although Democrats certainly know they got whupped this past Tuesday, I still don't think they really understand the implications for the 2004 elections.’
      • ‘He began martial arts training when most kids his age are still getting whupped by their big sisters and won the first of his seven black belts in karate at just 12 years old.’
      • ‘To make a long story short, the Panthers were getting whupped.’


Late 19th century variant of whip.