Meaning of widdle in English:



[no object]informal British
  • Urinate.

    • ‘In the meantime, she has her hands full with Jack, a lively 12-week-old, who sleeps 12 hours a night, has just had his first taste of solid food and likes nothing more than widdling over his mum whenever she changes him.’
    • ‘That black cat did it again: clawing at the door, widdling in the bathroom.’
    • ‘Someone has widdled through their letterbox on no less than four occasions.’
    • ‘Cole scampers forward like a Jack Russell chasing a string of sausages which another dog has widdled over.’
    • ‘Alfie widdles all the way down his light olive green mix wool trousers.’
    • ‘As if watching your child widdle on the lino for the fifth time in as many hours is ever going to be a giggle, no matter how many zany star charts and ‘hilarious’ picture books you are presented with.’


informal British
  • 1An act of urinating.

    ‘I will need at least three widdles and miss most of the film.’
    ‘The stench coming from them almost made me puke and I had to force my body to not breathe whilst I did my widdle.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Urine.
      • ‘How one small cat can hold that amount of widdle is beyond understanding.’
      • ‘We in Australia have nothing to be smug about with the Murray River turned into a saline drip, and the Snowy no more extensive than a geriatric's widdle.’
      • ‘Although actually it's not widdle, but cat vomit in astonishing quantities.’
      • ‘It did not even slightly scent my widdle that evening.’


1950s alteration of piddle.