Meaning of wide-reaching in English:



  • Having important and widely applicable effects.

    ‘a proposal with wide-reaching implications’
    ‘a wide-reaching newspaper campaign’
    • ‘A widespread slowdown in the growth of tropical trees could have wide-reaching impacts, given how important forests are economically.’
    • ‘A ruling by the European Court of Justice last week will have wide-reaching implications for Irish taxpayers, according to tax experts.’
    • ‘On a global scale, the wide-reaching impact of climate change is also taking a toll on the oceans.’
    • ‘The president has wide-reaching powers, including serving on the supreme court.’
    • ‘They say it takes a truckload of cash to initiate a wide-reaching newspaper campaign.’
    • ‘California has enacted a law that will have an equally wide-reaching effect on corporate privacy practices.’
    • ‘I do not think people getting in to this debate realise just how wide-reaching this legislation will be.’
    • ‘There were far more men in the audience than there usually are for these readings, which says something about the author's wide-reaching appeal.’
    • ‘The Competition Authority is carrying out a wide-reaching report on the state of competition in the banking market which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.’
    • ‘Some economists argue that the allowance should be scrapped altogether although such a wide-reaching move would be difficult to implement.’
    • ‘To say that Adams had a wide-reaching impact on science, as the filmmakers would have us believe, may be overreaching a bit.’
    • ‘It is a wide-reaching and heartfelt play that raises a mirror to society and grimaces roundly at what it sees.’
    • ‘The arrest was one of 21 in a wide-reaching sting operation involving race-fixing.’
    • ‘Parliament must hold a full and wide-reaching inquiry into the domestic operations of our intelligence services, and it must do so publicly and openly.’
    • ‘It is important that individuals and communities get involved at an early stage when these wide-reaching plans are prepared.’
    • ‘The Internet is swift, wide-reaching, and free of institutional controls.’
    wide-reaching, far-reaching, wide-ranging, wide, sweeping, large-scale, broad, extensive, comprehensive, exhaustive, wholesale, global