Meaning of wide awake in English:

wide awake


  • Fully awake.

    • ‘I was wide awake yet my conscious brain was refusing to accept that someone unseen was touching my face.’
    • ‘I am incensed, I am livid, I am wide awake at 3.20 in the morning Thursday writing this email.’
    • ‘At 3.30 I was still wide awake and feeling incredibly bad tempered.’
    • ‘When the rest of the camp is asleep, the children stay wide awake.’
    • ‘Despite the exertions of a late Friday night, it was quickly evident that the troops were wide awake early on Saturday.’
    • ‘Within half an hour, the moment has passed, and I'm wide awake again.’
    • ‘One and a half hours to go and I am dead tired and wide awake.’
    • ‘By this time I was aware that I was feeling different - energetic, wide awake.’
    • ‘Despite being dog tired, I was wide awake, listening for any inexplicable noises or voices.’
    • ‘It disrupts the sleep cycle so that sufferers sleep during the day and are wide awake at night.’
    fully awake, conscious, open-eyed, not asleep, sleepless, unsleeping, insomniac
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wide awake

/ˌwʌɪd əˈweɪk/